Blog number 4. 2018/04/23

Another week passes and more car videos are uploaded for your viewing pleasure. We are Stoaked to annouce that we will be covering the latest car meets in the ontario region. Hope to see you out there.

Blog number three. 2018/04/17

Things are heating up with the weather. car season is upon us and there are many car videos in the works. we have been busy here making new playlists for you all to watch and enjoy. Let us know if there are any videos that you really like.

Blog number three. 2018/04/10

What kind of cars are the best? Im trying to decide what are the best kind of cars for car videos, and car edits. What do you like seeing? what can look the best in every way possible. Also we are going to be posting the best car videos that we think you'll like. Come summer we also want to go to more car meets and meet you people. we are the best and only car page on the internet.

Blog number one. 2018/03/16

I'll keep this one short and informal. This website I have created will be a weekly updated car video site. I wanted a place where I could house all my favorite car videos and car related videos. This is a solo man operation and I am still learning so let me know if there's anything that you wanna see in the future. I will constantly be tweaking the site until i'm happy with it so get excited.

Blog number Two. 2018/03/26

Our goal is to bring you content to your phone and computer. We want to make sure you like out content so we are branching out in many different ways. We want to host the best car videos on the internet. We also want to eventually host huge giveaways where we give you cars or clothing just for watching videos that you like. If you want your video hosted message us on facebook and have a chance to be featured on the best car page on the internet.

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